‘Facebook Pages’ to See Next Update? The Shadow of the ‘Facebook Profile’

2011 has certainly been a year for social media. It seems as though everything is taking off and most people are hyperaware of the changes, giving developers the opportunity to make more changes without losing too many users. What do I mean?… In the past sixth months, Facebook has made several major changes including the soon to be made permanent Facebook Profile update (which I’ve already adopted). Along with this, a new and promising social network was released, Google+ (as I’m positive you are fully aware of). This begs the questions, how soon after this new Facebook Profile Update will Google+ launch all of its long awaited mysterious features? It seems stagnant, but is obviously still adopting new users.

A major concern, although I’m actually looking forward to it, is the changes that will occur to Facebook Pages, potentially, in the near future. With the new profile, I’m sure the pages will be soon to follow. As a Facebook Pages user and monitor (Georgetown Law, Office of Admissions), I’m looking forward to an even more customizable page, but will the incorporation of the Timeline, hinder or alter our execution? Of course it will. The possibilities are promising, by incorporating a timeline we may be able to more easily show deadlines and set major events. What’s lost? The simplicity of what was known.

At some point, I feel as though other offices, under a major organizational umbrella, will lose the cohesion, due to the increasing customization options. A central figure will need to reign in design and delegate standards as a point of contact for new developers. I’m not speaking just where I’m involved, but with any organization. Separate, but affiliated entities will want to develop what keeps them branded together and I feel that is a path social media practitioners will want to follow as the rapidly changing features unfold. Staying on top of these changes is the more difficult task with any number of individuals who are in control of the online brand image of a university or other organization.

Earlier today, I came across a series of mock Facebook Pages for businesses, the anticipation of a similar page is rising:

How Facebook Timeline Might Radically Change the Look of Brand Pages

What Facebook’s Changes Means For Marketers

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